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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 22, 2023 | A Luke Warm, Tepid Report

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 22, 2023 | A Luke Warm, Tepid Report

Sunny days swinging flies for summer steelhead with Emerald Water Anglers.

Not based on the fishing by any means, just a reference to the water temps is all.  Going to keep this pretty short all the way around.

Creeks/Snoqualmie Forks - Low water, getting warm fast, dry flies all day.  Royal Wulff, Humpy, PMD, Stimulator (size 8-10), Caddis and streamers in the deep holes and log jams.

Puget Sound - Lots of kelp but lots of baitfish too.  This means fish are eating them and those baitfish are getting bigger so up the profile of your fly.  Pinks have not show up yet here in the central Sound but it should be anytime so get your pink flies ready.  Have some weight on them, darker pink is usually better, like a Fuchsia.  Intermediate lines will help considerably for the pinks as they tend to feed a bit deeper in the water column.

Warmwater/Lakes - Prime time!  Bass on top both large and small mouth.  Frogs, hoppers, mice, ducklings, puppies, kittens, damsel flies...whatever floats and might swim around lily pads.  Carp are eating like crazy in all the lakes both east and west side of the mountains.  Little wooley buggers, small orange crayfish, Pat's Stone's and Damsel nymphs are all working.

Steelhead - Skykomish is closed until further notice but there have been a few, very few summer fish caught on the Skagit of late and there is plenty of water up there to keep you busy swinging.  Cowlitz is doing great still though it seems pulses of fish have made some days better than others.  Small olive Intruders or black profile flies work well this time of year.  If there in the evening after most of the jet boat traffic is gone, skate a waking fly, you might be surprised.

Short and sweet today, bottom line is get out and fish, everything is sitting there waiting for you.  Please keep fish you are going to release in the water with minimal handling, especially in the creeks and Cedar.

You know how to find us, ask questions when you have them, there aren't any dumb ones and even so, we will do our best on those too!

Have a great weekend, opt outside!

EWA Staff | 206-708-7250

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