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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 16, 2023 | Creeky Bass Sounds!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 16, 2023 | Creeky Bass Sounds!
Wild West Slope Cutthroat from the Snoqualmie River

Entire Skykomish system and lower Snoqualmie up to the Falls is closed until further notice.

What in the heck does that mean?  It means at this very moment, you should be hitting creeks now before they are too low and warm followed by chase those bass and of course pinks are going to arrive in the Sound here very soon...and there it is!

Mountain Creeks & Sno Forks - Fish NOW!  Dry fly all day long, anglers choice as long as they are smaller than size 10.  Look for the deeper water with current that has a softness to the speed and just enough wrinkle to the surface to refract and scatter the light through penetration.  Mornings will have cooler water and will be better for the fish so get out early.  Water over 68 degrees is potentially fatal for handling fish after a fight.

Puget Sound - SRC's have been very active in the evenings so if that works get after it.  Have a plan for pinks with pink flies and in that last light of the evening, surface flies are king with that skating profile.

Bass, Carp and Muskie - Now is the time for these too.  Bass are on top and carp are in their prime if you care to try your hand at them.  Carp are very spooky, quite finicky and will put a considerable bend in your fly rod.  All the things as fly anglers we should be excited about...testing our skills!

Steelhead - Cowlitz River is in its prime for hatchery fish right now.  Should be a solid bet for the next month or so.  Still no word on reopening the mainstem of the Skykomish so sorta slim on choices at the moment. 

Yakima River - Up for the summer flow wise.  Caddis in the evenings, streamers during the day and of course nymphing with stonefly nymphs and smaller mayfly and caddis nymphs will work too.

Been a fun weekend at West Seattle Summer Fest, thank you to all who came down and said hello.  Was fun to see many of you who haven't made it over in awhile and great to meet so many new future fly anglers to the neighborhood. 

We are here to help you wrap your arms and minds around this sport so lean in and lean on us for assistance, that is what we are here for.  Have questions, ask!

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