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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | June 16, 2023 | Welcome to June-uary

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | June 16, 2023 | Welcome to June-uary
Fly fishing the Yakima River with Emerald Water Anglers.

Well if you have seen the report for this weekend, you know it is supposed to snow in the, take that in mind as you decide where to fish this weekend and next week.

Yakima River - Still remains low with a smorgasbord of bugs hatching through the entire system as the day goes on.  Small PMD's, caddis, drake's and a few stoneflies among them.  Bottom line, bring everything, you will want/need it.  Flows are still in very good shape so you are good on foot for the moment as well in most of your favorite places. 

Puget Sound - Kelp is in!  Stripping baskets are excited to be relevant again so if you are die hard on the Sound and don't have one, probably time to look into them.  See options here.  Baitfish patterns, early AM, outgoing tides when possible, fish over eel grass and oyster beds as much as possible and most importantly, get out there and fish!

Cedar River - Cedar is in great shape and fishing well.  Caddis and mayfly patterns have been bringing fish of all sizes to hand.  Water flows are down to where the river is pretty wade friendly already so go explore.  Google earth will show a lot of green space and most of it is accessible and if you have questions, let us know, happy to point exactly where to go here.

Mountain Creeks/Snoqualmie Forks - Creeks are 50/50 right now as far as what is ready for angling what is waiting.  I-90 is mostly in good shape which means the Sno Forks are too.  Bring Stimulators about size 10 or so, drop a small Lightning Bug or Copper John off the back if you need to and hit the obvious water.  Soft seams, pocket water and slower water next to the bank. 

Warmwater Bass/Carp - We have to literally be a week or less from most of the lakes in the area lighting up for topwater action with bass.  We have some new frog patterns in stock and we have been assured they will be a big hit in the lakes here soon.  Depending on the lake, some are good on foot and some are going to require some sort of water craft.  We recommend stand up paddle boards, in particular ones you can strap a cooler/seat to and give you space for a stripping bucket then look for smaller lakes with shallow water and lily pads.  Again, happy to help point some out, give us a call.

Steelhead - Not a ton to report here to be honest.  Cowlitz, Kalama and Lewis will likely have some fish around right now.  Water flows should be in great shape on all of them.  Skykomish system is a bit regulated at the moment with the mainstem closed until further notice up to the forks and the North Fork is closed so check regs on all other Puget Sound rivers. 

Hope all the dad's out there have a great weekend and please call, stop in or email us with questions.  IG messages work too so don't be bashful, we are here to help you.

All the best, 

EWA Staff - 206-708-7250

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