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Seatlle Fly Fishing Report | June 23, 2023 | Yeah Baby!

Seatlle Fly Fishing Report | June 23, 2023 | Yeah Baby!

Fly fishing for sea run cutthroat with herring in Puget Sound.

Summer is officially here, yeah baby!  If you are not fishing yet or have been waiting for the green light to switch on...it's on!

Yakima River - Officially the main drain of the lakes has begun.  Over 3K cfs and likely staying there for the summer, look for flows to come down in Sept.  Caddis, streamers and nymphing from a boat will be the boat will be the way to fish.  We would suggest a number of other fisheries in the region for the next couple months, there are better options in our opinion.

Puget Sound - Bait still everywhere as is the kelp but the cutt's are happy to play right now.  Bait is in form of Sand Lance, Perch and Herring so come with a variety of size and color in your fly patterns.  Yesterday, we went 1 for 6 on topwater patterns in about 3 hours so don't be shy about throwing a Sound Searcher.

Cedar River - Down, in shape and producing caddis.  Trout are looking up all day here still though much better in the evening but in short, worth the effort.  There is a ton of access here, if you have a difficult time finding it, come in and let's give you some spots to go play. 

Snoqualmie Forks & Creeks - Same as Cedar, dry flies all day but will be that way for the rest of the summer barring a strange weather event.  Caddis, Humpy's, Wulff's and Stimulator's are the ticket.  Fish the obvious water, pockets behind rocks and logs with just enough depth for disguise and slow enough to hold.  Also seams along bigger runs and cut banks.  Definitely turn around and after dead drifting and skate your dry below and across you.  Just a slightly different presentation for each piece of water. 

Cowlitz River - Steelhead fishing is pretty darn good down here right now.  This river is loaded with awesome swing water so it is definitely worth the time to head down.  Easy row for novice boaters for the most part as well so this is a great option for this time of year.  Also loaded with cutthroat trout to spey cast to so come loaded with both.  Cutts will sit in the same water often times as the steelhead so walk through all your water twice and skate if you dare. 

Lakes - Oh yeah baby!  Bass are on it now so get out there.  This may surprise all of you reading this but, we really like poppers and surface flies because why the H not?  They are going to take them and take them with authority so why wouldn't you?  SUP, raft, drift boat or walk and wade around Green Lake, rent a kayak at Agua Verde and hit the Arboretum or parks on Lake Washington.  Bass with not dissappoint!

There it is, you have the rest of Friday evening to figure it out but no matter what you choose, it's almost all worth it!

Have a great weekend,

EWA Staff

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