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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | June 2, 2022 | When Snow Melts it Goes Into Rivers

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | June 2, 2022 | When Snow Melts it Goes Into Rivers

Happy June everyone, hope the title of the report helps in deciding when and where to go on the rivers here these days.  We have experienced an abnormally cool spring with some late snow so what snow we did have has held on pretty well.  As we begin to see warmer days, that snow is going to blow up most of the rivers in the region so please reference this general guide from our REPORTS PAGE to assist you in making decisions on when and where to go over the next few weeks.  When in doubt, call us!

In general, it is caddis season on most of the rivers for trout in the region so have plenty of those in your box and with high water, streamers can help draw fish from their sanctuaries as well.  Size should be commensurate with rod/line size, casting ability and obviously size of fish in the watershed you are stepping into.

Saltwater is still fishing well but sun is getting higher in the sky so pay more attention to the time of day and tide.  Again, see the links on our reports page for tide predictions and wind in various destinations of the Sound.

As water drops, be prepared in every way.  Casting lessons NOW will make a huge difference in your abilities on the water and of course having appropriate equipment and flies are all a part of it as well.  Time is precious so don't compromise it by not being ready for what you are headed into.

We are always here to answer questions and happy to do so.  Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing how it's going.

EWA Staff
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