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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | May 26, 2022 | Options

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | May 26, 2022 | Options
Cascade creek wild rainbow trout.

Here we are heading into the Memorial Day Weekend and oh are there options!  Not necessarily as many as there will be in a few more weeks but we have a wide variety of water to explore right now.

1.  Cowlitz at this moment is so full of summer steelhead it is a bit crazy.  Water is high but there are a few places to still get in on foot.  For a hatchery fish, these chromers are hot fish and the size so far have been extraordinary for a summer fish.  Many in the 10lb range so if your spey rod is feeling a bit lonely and you two are looking for a date, location is set, have fun and make wise choices.

2.  Yakima is in caddis mode.  Water still fluctuating a decent amount so be conscious of where you are heading if on foot and float wise, plan on slightly longer floats to cover more water.  Bring caddis and a few stonefly patterns for the canyon and some PMD's and March Browns for the upper river with nymph representations as well.

3. Cedar River is going to make its season debut on Saturday.  Water will be high and there is sure to be a plethora of anglers eager to get on it after the 9 month hiatus so be nimble and cordial and of course careful with the high water.  Again, caddis and stimulators will be good bets as will PMD's and scoot some streamers under those log jams.

4. Puget Sound isn't on top for once, at least not in our report anyway.  The Sound is fishing quite well all over.  Plenty of bait scattered throughout so find your beach or go explore some new ones.  Want help locating a few new haunts, we are happy to share with you, just come on by.  Much of the bait has grown since March so slighly larger profile patterns will serve you well and as always, we highly recommend going top water to get the most of each take!

5. Green Lake...uh, yeah, you read that correctly.  Carp in Green Lake right now will provide quite the thrill.  Just walk the perimeter looking for them cruising the shallows and get a fly on the bottom in front of them.  SUP would be a fantastic way to chase these right now as well.  Haven't done carp before, don't knock it until you try it.  Blind folded you would get the thrill of a lifetime from the battle...just saying.

6.  Eastern lakes are fishing well right now as well with damsel nymphs and small streamers and of course chironomids but if relegated to shore fishing, stick with the former.

7.  Snoqualmie Forks and creeks remain a bit high and these are the fisheries we expect to still be a few weeks out from being ready for fly anglers.   When they are ready, these are the place to practice being minimal on the water.  A box with a couple flies, some floatant (maybe), spool of tippet, rod, reel and lunch!  Leave ALL the other stuff behind, simplify your approach and enjoy simple fly fishing.

There it is, go outside, drag family and friends with you, turn over rocks or skip them, watch water and bugs and thoroughly enjoy all of it.  We are always here to help so don't be bashful, ask!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone...

EWA Staff
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