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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | March 8, 2024 | Yep...It's Time to Fish

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | March 8, 2024 | Yep...It's Time to Fish

We will begin this Seattle fly fishing report with letting everyone know we have an exclusive Blane Chocklett Muskie School on June 29-30, 2024 on Lake Tapps.  It will be limited to 10 people and includes lodging, 4 meals, fishing and instruction with Blane for 2 days with access to 5 different rod manufacturers Muskie rods.  $1095 per person...call to book.

Ok, now on to the fishing around here.  We have had a pretty long spell of cold weather that has kept the rivers in good shape for fishing, maybe too good in some instances.  We now are expecting slightly warmer weather with some rain which will also be good, possibly very good for the fishing in some cases. 

Steelhead - All the open systems are LOW and CLEAR at the moment but all have been pumping out some nice fish.  Hoh, Skagit and Sauk in particular but don't be a sheep out there, there are other rivers to fish, spread the pressure around because there is plenty of it.  With the rain coming, expecting to see all the rivers bump which should bring fresh fish into each system, coastal rivers in particular.  Blue and purple have been working well as have pink and orange so what does that tell you?  Pick a fly and fish it...

Puget Sound - Fry are out, fish are eating them so not really sure what else to say here.  Small patterns with olive/white or squirrel tail bodies are going to work well and going south is still going to more consistent if you can make it happen and if not, fish where you can, even if for an hour or two.  Watch your tides, we still like outgoing much of the time but the timing of the tide can help determine when to fish where so give us a shout and we can talk you through all of it.  In short, now is as good of a time to fish as you will find so pick a beach or two and get out there. 

Yakima River - Water in good shape, clear and pretty wade friendly and we are entering hatch season.  For the next couple months going to need to be prepared for everything out there.  At the moment, BWO's otherwise known as Blue Winged Olives, a small mayfly are around and there have been a few sightings of Skwala stones as well, a smaller winter stonefly of dark coloration.  Having nymph and adult patterns of both as well as emerger of the BWO will be necessary and as we head towards the end of the month, look for March Brown's, a larger brown mayfly to begin to show up as well.  Water temps drive all of these hatches so warmer days are your friend right now, they will ignite all of it. 

For the moment, that about covers most of it outside of the trout lakes that are open which are fair game too we just haven't been on them.  Ok, go...go fish, call, text, email, facetime, DM, send a pigeon or stop in and let us help you have fun out there on the water.

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