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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | October 24, 2022 | Summer to Fall in a Day!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | October 24, 2022 | Summer to Fall in a Day!
Puget Sound Coho from West Seattle.  Photo Will Mahoney

Ooof...this was quite the transition into fall from a very dry summer.  Cold weather has descended quite fast around these parts and for this reason, the fishing reports from here forward are going to mostly consist of just a few fisheries in the area that are viable through the winter. 

DO NOT PUT YOUR GEAR AWAY, these fisheries deserve year around attention from you.  Layer up, bring some coffee or tea and hit the water!

Puget Sound - What can we say that hasn't been said...this is such a good fishery and yes it can be daunting, intimidating, windy (like everywhere else in WA) and hit or miss but that is fishing!  We absolutely can't stress this often enough but it is fishing SO WELL right now and has been for the entire year.  Today is no different. 

Fly wise, most bait are gone so SRC's are literally going to be curious about just about anything you put in front of them.  They are living another day, every day so they have to feed.  You simply need to put a fly in front of them.  Come in and let's get you out there.  Lincoln Park has been fishing very well as have most beaches south of Seattle into Tacoma and down to Olympia and out on Hood Canal. 

Yakima River - Fall on the Yakima is THE time to be fishing here.  Fall colors in full swing, reliable hatches of BWO/Blue Winged Olives with smatterings of October Caddis as well.  Flows are perfect for both the walk and wade as well as float angler.  Low flows mean all structure in the river is evident so it is easier to see where the fish are an concentrate on smaller sections of the river.   

We couldn't be more happy than to help you know exactly where to go on your own and of course we guide the Yak too so let know when you want to get out there.

Steelhead - Tough subject as we just don't know what this upcoming season holds for the Puget Sound rivers such as the Skagit and Sauk or the Olympic Peninsula.  Stay tuned on this, as soon as we know, we will share the info.

Holidays are coming...guide trips make fabulous gifts for loved ones or yourself.  Buy gift cards online or call us and we will make it happen.  As always, don't hesitate to ask questions, there are no dumb ones and we are literally here to help you have fun and find success.

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