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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | September 16, 2022 | It's Fall! Not Officially But...

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | September 16, 2022 | It's Fall!  Not Officially But...
Moore's Culvert Crusher fly for Puget Sound.  Photo Matt DeLorme
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Waking up today it felt like fall and it looks as though while it isn't official on the calendar we may have bid adieu to 80 degree temps for the year.  So we are going to keep this report short because options for this time of year, for the most part should be pretty easy.  The Yak, the Sound or swing for unicorns.

Yakima River - Flows as of this AM were just below 1400 cfs which is as close to perfect as you can get.  Walk and wade anglers have nearly the entire river to explore at this flow and boat anglers can still float and fish from the boat but get out and cover the water more thoroughly.  Cool evenings mean cold morning water temps.  Up high look for BWO's on top and then move to October Caddis with a Lightning Bug dropper or rip streamers across rocky structure.  This is such a fabulous time of year on the Yakima, hands down our favorite and the most predictable you will ever see this river.  Also, these flows are as good as it gets for trout spey and swinging soft hackles or skating October Caddis.  A whole new way to approach and see the Yakima River.  We have a few dates remaining from now until mid November with Kristen so get your day now.

Yakima River Trout Spey Fly Selection

Puget Sound - This fishery really never let up this year.  It is SOOOOO good out here right now.  Top water with the Sound Searcher or other fly was ridiculous the other day, especially in the AM.  Moore's Culvert Crusher (see above) has also been a fav among the larger SRC's and migratory Coho/Silver salmon lately.  Kelp is receding, sun is lower in the sky and tides are beginning to work against the daylight hours so fish when you can, that is your mandate.  Don't let a marginal tide keep you off the water especially if it is granting good access to the shoreline you want to be on.

Puget Sound Fly Pack

Steelhead/Unicorns - They are here just not in huge numbers, or even moderate numbers for that matter but, we can still chase them and enjoy doing so, catch or not.  Either way, this is a fantastic time of year to break out the Scandi heads, long leaders and skaters!  Skykomish, Snoqualmie, Green, Queets, Hoh, Klickitat, Grande Ronde, Lewis, Kalama and Cowlitz here in WA and if you venture out from here the world gets big...real fast!  Wherever you go, cover water well and with intention.  Be methodical.  Stay with the same length of cast through an entire run, step the very same distance every cast and move.  Flies are not really going to make a giant difference so fish what you have confidence in. 

Fall is fabulous so don't put away your fishing equipment, it is just getting good around here.  Need help figuring out options, CALL US or STOP IN, the bridge opens on Sunday!

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