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1st Annual Bug Launcher - successful!

A couple weeks ago, my dad, Mike McCoy hosted a small, by invitation only, fly casting games/competition down at his house on the North Umpqua River. About 20 people showed up which was perfect as this was a "test run" if you will for next year. This year there were 12 stations each with 3 different targets and all with their own challenges. Some stations were on dry land, others on water, some had long targets nearing 80 feet while others were short but studded with over hanging branches and grass or requiring curve casts to get around other obstacles. The longer targets were riddled with backcast obstacles such as steep hills with tall grass and berry bushes or for later competitors, there is always that lovely afternoon crosswind. Now I consider myself a pretty good angler and caster but this course was tough. The winning score was a 98, meaning their fly touched the ground that many times on what would be a 36 par course if you hit every target on the first presentation. I didn't win but did get my best score of 104 on my first time through. I think my cockiness helped that along because on later efforts, over-thought and impatience got the better of me! If you know me, this should surprise you. Each participant was asked to donate to the whatever amount they were comfortable with, all donations were handed over to the Native Fish Society for their conservation efforts. Recycled Waders, Native Fish Society, Temple Fork Outfitters and the Caddis Fly Angling Shop in Eugene all donated raffle prizes so everyone went home with something. Dad gladly provided a BBQ lunch and beverages for everyone as well. So for next year there will likely be some changes and the word will get out much sooner so reservations will likely be necessary. Here is what we are looking at changing/adding to the scenario: Teams of 3 will be assembled and assigned "Tee Times" about 20 minutes apart with a shotgun start, teams starting at various different stations at same time. Several Spey/Two Handed stations will be added. 5 presentations max at each station, if missed on 5th, score is 6 for that target. Winner will have donation from event to conservation organization of their choice given in their name. On Water targets, where applicable, if yarn goes in grass and can be dropped into target, credit for one stroke given and on last station, if you can raise a fish to your yarn in 5 casts, "hole in one" for the last target. This an industry professional event and a great time to just hang out with each other and also give a ration of s--t to those who invariably will stumble along the way. Great opportunity to also raise some money for a good cause, have fun, leave the fish alone for a few moments and enjoy each others company. Look forward to seeing some of you there next year. Please contact me or my dad with any questions.
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