EWA 10th Anniversary Party | June 26, 2024 - All Day Long
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A river in Alaska that is not a salmon trip!

Landed in Fairbanks on the 16th of July, drank beer and packed gear into dry bags, rod tubes, action packers, etc. Busted out of dodge the 17th NE of Fairbanks towards Circle, AK to put the FV Pike into the Yukon River and head downstream towards the Porcupine River. 3 guys, 1 Labrador and gear stuffed into an 18ft John boat (see picture). Got blown off the river after 2 hours of wind & chop, set up camp and waited til morning. Made it to the Pork and began fishing as far as 50 river miles up the Pork for 2 nights – pike were not where we expected but present in large pods. Drank through 1.5 cases of beer (all the cooler could hold with food & ice) Motored back down to Fort Yukon where we paid $6/gal gasoline and $3/20oz Gatorade (liquor store was closed until 5pm) – headed to the Christian River without beer or ice! Came out after fishing the Christian River and set up camp on the Yukon (see sunset picture). Next day headed downstream towards some other Clearwater sloughs/creeks. All the pike were concentrated at the mouth or within the first ¼ mile of the mouth. Fished the tribs for 4 more nights. Using mostly Puglisi style flies, some poppers/sliders/gurglers; bonfires nightly; lived on 2 boxes of wine & 2 fifths of JD + s’mores. Saw great horned owls, gray owls, eagles, loons, wolf tracks, 1 lousy moose, 0 caribou, 1 black bear, lots of griz tracks, 1 fox, kingfishers, sandhill cranes, etc, etc, etc. Caught sheefish – only carnivorous species of whitefish – at creek mouths too. Had to use 300gr sink tip with Puglisi or large clouser. Supposedly they are the tarpon of the north, but other than their looks the come right to the top and roll over is nothing like I imagine a tarpon of the south to be! Came away with no cuts from pike teeth, no giardia from drinking filtered creek/slough water, 1 broken 6wt on a small 20” pike, and a few good fish pictures. Cheers
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