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A creek Rod

I recently got a new rod for the creeks. This is a remodeled Tout Bum Rod from Orvis. Their 7'6" 1# Super Fine Touch rod is super sweet. It has old school matte wrapping and a cork handle that fades right into the first rod wraps. It is a full flex, super slow action rod that is a blast to cast. I paired it with a weight forward 2# line and a Mirage Reel. It is slow and steady casting and weighs next to nothing. The first day fishing it was on a small brook trout pond in Northern Maine. I spent the afternoon with TU Brook Trout Guru Jeff Reardon. The trout were actually see-run and would move back and forth to the Atlantic down a 1/2 mile creek. They hit with absolute ferocity and the new rod made for a fantastic few days of fishing! I can't wait to head out to the Cascades with it soon.
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