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A Fought for Bone

Here's a nice fish landed yesterday. Now for the story. The day before I was supposed to fish with this guy (Takashi) and got a flat tire towing my boat in Waikiki. I mean right in Waikiki on Kuhio. I drug it off the road a couple blocks later in front of his hotel. Later Lex Brodie tires found an f--king screwdriver in my tire, typical Hawaiian roads. So as you know Dodge wheels have a tendency to seal and with some rust, couldn't get the thing off for 5 hours, even had insurance company send out a wrecker with a breaking bar and he couldn't. I ended up lying on my back in the street with a viking berserker who just drank 4 cups of shroom tea in a rage and mule kicking it off. So my client was f--ked and lost the whole day. I like this guy a lot and on day two we needed to get him a fish. He hooked this fish tailing with a money presentation right on the edge and immediately threw slack and turned off the Hatch drag which I've taught him to do. The fish still ran straight down and the area he hooked it in is 11 feet deep off the flat. The backing got caught on the bottom and we were gonna lose this baby so I ripped off my chest pack and Oakleys off handed them to Takashi, and jumped in. I swam to the bottom, unf--ked the line and backing which was wrapped around coral heads, and as it freed the fish ran up in the water column and while under free spool came tight. I swam up to the surface, crawled to the edge and we landed the bitch. I looked like a drowned rat and we were both high fiving and screaming BANZAI! Takashi was PUMPED. He now calls me Kamakazie Coach. Hey, when a guy sits with you for 5 hours on the side of the road and misses his fishing day due to a an evil devil worshiping flat tire and buys YOU lunch and beers goddamnit you net that fish for him by any means. One of my favorite 5 landed bonefish ever. Thought you'd get a laugh at this one. Hope everyone's lines are tighter than a mosquitos ass on a rain barrell. Aloha and A hui ho!!!!! Duffer
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