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W"h"ine about Steelhead

So there is no lack of whining about steelhead fishing in our community for a multitude of reasons; weather, poor management, dams, destroyed habitat for spawning, netting and so on. Well a vineyard in California is doing some wine-ing of their own and working to improve habitat for steelhead in their region. Here is a short note from their website: Our Steelhead wines come from the world-renowned Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma, California and are a tribute to Quivira's restoration of the Steelhead habitat in Wine Creek - a tributary of the Dry Creek River - that runs through its estate. Steelhead are an important part of California´s ecosystem and are a good indicator of water health because they require cool, clean water in order to thrive. Working with Trout Unlimited and state and university organizations, our extensive restoration of the spawning grounds within the creek bed have led to the return of the Steelhead each spring. Now neighboring landowners inspired by Quivira’s example are doing the same. So for the more sophisticated palettes out their among you chrome chasers, savor some of this fantastic wine and help steelhead in the process. Support their effort by asking your local wine shop or grocery store to bring it in and tell everyone you know to pick up a bottle. Two varietals available and both are awesome! Great work and congrats on your efforts Quivira! For more info, check out their site:
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