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Oh Winston...

All the stars finally aligned themselves this past week when my own personal 12'6" B2x 6wt was finally matched with an Airflo Compact Scandi, 15ft floating poly leader, nondescript fly and then a fish. A coastal cutthroat from the Cowlitz, don't get too excited, even though it was a nice one, and a tug is a tug, right? This rod is simply the smoothest, easiest casting rod of any kind made to date. It should be wrong for there to be a rod that casts this nice and not have it available for free to everyone who wants one. That isn't going to happen so let's move on... Versatility wise, this rod will cast Compact Skagit and Scandi heads ranging from the mid 300's to the mid 500's, really just depends on what you want it to feel like. It has no problem with moving moderate length sections of T-14 and to cast it with a dry line clear to the fly, divine. For new anglers to this world of two handed casting, I am torn as I would love for all to blaze the same trail we all have up to this point, working with larger rods, confined spaces and fickle sweet spots to find a perfect cast. Yet this rod is going to excite anglers in this sport parallel to what shape skis did for skiing. Many two handed anglers in this region may never know the hardship of the classic 8140 configuration, it could conceivably just slip away. I say this with great pain as my favorite has always been just that rod from Sage and Winston as well. I LOVE that rod and yet it will be a mental challenge to reach for it again. Knowing how much fun it is to cast this new little sister of hers, it will have to nostalgia that puts her back in my hands in the near future.

Whatever was on top of your Christmas or Holiday gift list, it should quickly be placed on a lower tier if not just removed so as to not confuse those willing to give you something by offering them any other choice.

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