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Fishing Tunes

What do you listen to on the way to the water? Here in Washington it is very often a long haul to our favorite steelhead run and some good tunes to go with that coffee are essential in building the confidence you need to work the water well. I would say good fishing music is important on all trips but is absolutely integral and most crucial on all steelhead missions, particularly those that occur during the winter months. Here are my top five artists in no particular order:

Townes Van Zandt
Drive-By Truckers
Led Zeppelin (specifically Physical Graffiti)
The Boss
Gillian Welch

This is a start, but let's get into more detail with this. We need a list of top ten artists and top ten songs. I know Shannon's got some input for this one. The man can't get enough of that lovely Ace of Base. Let me hear from anyone who has a favorite album or song that we can add to the list because great fishing music is hard to come by.

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