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Driving Alongside Rivers...

I have grown up my entire life either on or in a river, swearing I wasn't on/in it, as of late dreaming of them and if not those then driving alongside them, whenever possible. It is a problem to be reckoned with. Even so much as to drive several hundred miles out of my way in order to gaze longingly at some piece of water I am unable to fish right then. I LOVE water! This brings me to my latest point and I don't want to mention names but I do know someone who has been given the very same prognosis by many fish doctors and have seen the evidence of this disease (any impairment of normal physiological function affecting all or part of an organism, esp a specific pathological change caused by infection, stress, etc, producing characteristic symptoms; illness or sickness in general) on the side of his truck; damage caused by side swiping a bridge on an interstate trying to get just a few more inches of perspective on the water. HOLY S--T!!! I myself have heard this more than once as well so the apple must not have fallen far from the tree. On this past Thanksgiving weekend, (irony completely intended but not intentional if that makes sense??!!) my dad and I were driving along the worst culprit of the disease there is, the North Umpqua River in southern Oregon. For once the water was in amazing shape and we were both really excited to fish so every time the river was by the road, our chiropractic neglected necks would literally pop! Then it was watch the river not the road and as I looked up, HOLY S--T escaped as we were well across the center line on a road owned by logging trucks. None were there and we gave extra thanks on Turkey day for that and the beauty of the river itself. There simply is no cure for this affliction, fly rods in car or not, doesn't matter. All you can do is fish hard and hope for the same luck we came away with...AGAIN!!
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