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Too Much Time at Home= Fly Tying Videos!

Dragon Leech Steelhead Fly (click here for video) I have not been fishing enough lately! Due to a number of factors including work, holiday visits to relatives, blown out rivers and tiny snowstorms that somehow shut down the entire city of Seattle and surrounding areas for no less than two days... shall I continue? No, I think that's enough! Needless to say not being able to hit the water as much as I would like makes me a bit grouchy. And nothing is worse than a Grinch on Christmas! So please Santa will you please give me less rain, more steelhead and some more time to go fishing? Is that so much to ask? Now that I have my whining out of the way... there is a silver lining to this sad, pathetic little story of mine... Free time off the water means developing flies at the vise!! My next greatest passion and a worthwhile endeavor in itself. One that too few partake in I might add. So if you are like me, and being cooped up inside on a blown out day when you could be fishing has got you down, don't turn to the bottle or hang yourself with a length of 200lb gel spun, just break out the vise, daydream about chrome bright pigs and wrap up some mega mojo to bring along on your next steelhead outing! This video is just something to wet your chops on. Get out the vise and have some fun!!! Charlie
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