EWA 10th Anniversary Party | June 26, 2024 - All Day Long
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Getting wet on the O.P.

I picked my brother in law up at the airport at 9:50 pm. He was on a flight in from LA where he spent the day with his son at the beach. It was 82 degrees when he left. Now, in Seattle, it is raining, 44 degrees and we are heading for the Hoh River. We drove most of the night and reached the Hoh at 2:30 in the morning. It was pouring rain by now and the campground that we found was more lake then ground. We opted for sleeping in the back of the truck and waiting to see what the light of day would bring. More rain. Steady, cold, hard, rain. The river was chocolate milk and raging. It had been on the drop all week and I was having pretty high hopes till that moment. We decided to move up and see if we can find a river with some visibility. The Sol Duc seemed to offer us some good chances so we drop the boat and fish. That day was fantastic. A couple hard tugs and a nice dolly kept us pretty happy and even warmed us up a bit. We finally set up respectable camp. We ate well and crashed early. One more chance to float the Sol Duc in the am kept us feeling pretty optimistic. Although the river has very little swinging water where we were it is super fun to row. There are some nice rapids and enough waves to keep you on your toes. No fish that last day but we did see bigfoot drinking beer and played a ton of guitar.
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