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Steelhead OFF Menu, Kudos to Ray's

I am really happy to say that Ray's Boathouse Restaurant here in Seattle reconsidered their plan to put wild steelhead on their menu after what I would assume are many emails from the public calling for them to refrain from such sales. Many kudos and compliments to Executive Chef Peter Birk for moving forward, my recommendation would be that everyone who emailed or called with their displeasure take the same amount of time to provide positive support for his decision. Those who criticize can't just expect to point fingers and then not reciprocate in kind when something goes our way. Our presence has to be felt and measured on both sides of the coin. With that in mind, this video which originated on Skate The Fly will show exactly why so many restaurants and markets continue to pop up with wild steelhead and their "caviar" on their menus. It comes from misinformtation provided to them by a misinformed and what sounds to be an uneducated supplier and whether that is by choice or via the native Americans he purchases from. Watch this video and see for yourself: Mikuni Wild Harvest One thing to keep in mind here is that these wild steelhead, once harvested and sold to a supplier sell for around $1.50-$2.50 per pound!! That equates to around $7.00-$9.00 per pound at the retail price. Just ponder that for a moment and think about how much money we have spent pursuing these fish and that is all they are worth on the open fish market...REDICULOUS!!! Definitely let listen to what he has to say about these fish he is selling, commentary welcome!
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