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I Like Big Bugs

There is something about skwala stoneflies that just plain gets me excited! Maybe its because in a few select Western streams they signify the first great dry fly fishing of the season. Or maybe its because they are big, wiggly, fun to tie and a blast to fish. Either way they are one of my favorite aquatic insects to imitate with a fly. Did I mention they drive fish bonkers? Chubby Skwala I am always on the lookout for new tying materials and fly patterns to imitate the little buggers. Sure an olive stimulator or pat's rubber legs will catch fish but where is the art in that? Incidentally I was pleasantly surprised when a copy of the 2010 Hareline catalog arrived at work along with a sweet goody bag full of product samples. Skwala Crawler I dove into the bag and pulled out a handful of skwala madness. It was like they read my mind and created a palette of buggy tying materials just for me to play with... After wrapping up a couple morsels I headed over to the Yakima to get an expert opinion...

The experts approved...

Yakima Rainbow

If you love skwalas as much as I do the Yakima is the best show in town, and its on right now... Its time for some serious skwala fishing!!

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