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Welcome to our blog of all things we at Emerald Water Anglers touch and care about in the fly fishing world. This has been quite a journey the past 10+ years, scrolling back we have seen some things coming and we continue to make every effort to have the pulse of where this is sport is headed both here in the PWN and globally.

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Upcoming Fly Fishing Events - February 2020

Bienvenidos, willkomen, benvenuta, ようこそ and winter steelhead season! We are writing this as nearly ... more

Upcoming Events -- March

Holy emerging insects, can you believe it is already March? We can't either! It has been a rough winter but as... more

Upcoming Events - November

Tie One On Fly Tying Events @ EWA Store - $20 November 6, 2018 – The Bugmeister - register here November 13, 2018 – ... more

8/23: Brita Fordice Fly Tying Demo

Brita Fordice will be in the shop tying her remarkable baitfish patterns on the evening of Thursday, August 23. We're... more

EWA Fly Fishing Events - May

EWA Fly Fishing events coming up in May and are some things to put on your calendar for sure! As we h... more

Welcome to my Laboratory!!!

A couple of months ago I posted about how my tying space was getting out of hand, how it was taking on a life of it... more


Ok this is really getting out of hand! I think my fly tying space is alive. Seriously... what is wrong with me. ... more

Tying Flies at FFF

Puget Sound Baitfish Pattern Tying Video Just back from the FFF show in E-burg. Dave and I did a little impromptu tyi... more

Spun Ostrich Tube Fly

Click the link to view the new video: Spun Ostrich Tube Fly This is a simple tube fly utilizing the ProTubes flex... more

Tube Flies, Pro Style and Custom Fly Lessons!

Pro Tubes Reverse Marabou Tube Fly Click on the link to watch the new video! I recently got a bunch of Flexitubes f... more

Too Much Time at Home= Fly Tying Videos!

Dragon Leech Steelhead Fly (click here for video) I have not been fishing enough lately! Due to a number of factor... more

Post-it-Note Fly

Every once in a while a truly inspired fly pattern is developed. The Parachute Adams, the Elk Hair Caddis, the San J... more

Recycled Beadheads

While tying nymphs for an upcoming trip I ran out of beadheads. Why I procrastinate and wait until midnight the... more

I Like Big Bugs

There is something about skwala stoneflies that just plain gets me excited! Maybe its because in a few select Western... more