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New Flies, Beautiful Flies, Steelhead Flies.

I like to swing for steelhead for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is simply because it allows me to fish, and design beautiful flies. Here's one that I was working on today. I started with a waddington shank so you'll want to tie in a shank length of stiff braid for your favorite stinger hook. By the way, I also tie it on a smaller steelhead iron for Dolly and summer runs. ??Add some hackle flash (Columbia) or similar product, blue schlappen (don't forget to wash it in dilute bleach to make it flow better). This is the whole body. Now I like to add some pink ostrich. black and blue under adds nice contrast to pink over the top. Plus you gotta love the way ostrich moves. Tie it in so it goes all the way back to the stinger hook. The head needs some cleaning up so I use pink Guinea, just a couple wraps. Clean it up, tie it off. Give it a good stiff once over with a wire brush to blend the elements. Done. Tie it, fly it, fish it, swing it.
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