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Patagonia Wading Boots Built by Danner

"Patagonia is in business to save our home planet." Chouinard is not willing to sacrifice our planet just to produce another product. This is abundantly clear when looking at the ever-popular Ultralight wading boot; the problem was life span. The Ultralight's ended up in the landfill far too quickly for Patagonia's liking. Therefore, they committed to designing the best, longest lasting boot ever built in conjunction with Danner; a boot manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. Danner has set the gold standard in boot manufacturing since 1932. The armed forces and law enforcement trust Danner when everything is on the line, and so should you!

River Salt Wading Boot - $449.00

This is by far my favorite wading boot I have ever worn. Not only does it excel on the flats with a neoprene wading sock but it stands above the rest when wearing waders and navigating our slippery steelhead rivers. The River Salt is ideal for the angler who hikes long distances, fishes fresh water and salt, and wants a lightweight boot that will last a lifetime. With a flexible upper, I found myself absent-mindedly rotating my ankle for the first time while fishing, and let me tell you it is more liberating than you might imagine. The speed-lacing system is right there when you need it. It provides solid ankle support in a low profile design. The slim hook system decreases line tangles that Murphy always finds.

Foot Tractor Boot - $549.00

The Foot Tractor Boot provides all of the options that you might expect from Patagonia. They have the standard felt sole, rubber, and their very own aluminum bar. The Idrogrip is a redesigned sticky rubber from Vibram that redefines traction from a rubber sole. Last but not least, the Aluminum Bar provides the best traction of all. Based on the success of the original Foot Tractor, they made slight modifications to make this boot even better. A new split mid foot bar now allows increased flexibility in the sole. This allows the angler to be more in tune with the bottom and increased traction over less surface area. This boot is designed for the hardest working angler out there who is going to put everything to the test.

Boot Recrafting

Danner's Boot Recrafting program will repair your boots from simple part replacement and leather care to major overhauls. The days of worn-out soles with plenty of life in your boots are now a thing of the past. The soles can be replaced time and time again due to the stitch down construction, subsequently keeping your boots out of the landfill for years and years to come.

Everyone who has worn the new Patagonia Boots by Danner agree that these are by far the best we have ever worn. Here at Emerald Water Anglers, we will have all three of the Foot Tractor options as well as the River Salt Wading Boot by early next week (February 18, 2019.)

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