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Post-it-Note Fly

Every once in a while a truly inspired fly pattern is developed. The Parachute Adams, the Elk Hair Caddis, the San Juan Worm. Ok maybe not the last one but here's a pattern Charlie Robinton developed late last night that should be added to every fly box in the country: Hook: Size 10 Daiichi 1170 Thread: Yellow 6/0 Body: Pink post-it-note strip cut “feathered” Antennae: Pink Post-it-Note Tying Aid: 1 fifth Tequila (Reposado works well) and limes To tie this fly start by drinking the bottle of tequila. Now that your mind is nice and focused find some post-it-notes. Cut a strip off the bottom of the note 1/2 inch wide. Careful, don't cut yourself, those scissors are sharp and the paper won't stop moving. Now figure out how your vice works and put a hook in it. No, don't put the hook in your finger, put it in the vice. Right. Wrap some yellow thread on the hook. Now, find the strip of post it note and make a bunch of cuts most of the way through the strip along its length. If you think that's complicated now try doing it after step 1. Got that done? Cool. Tie one end of the strip onto the hook close to the bend and advance the thread forward. Wrap the post-it forward so the little tabs you made stick out but point backwards. Think cactus-meets-caddis. Tie it off when you get to the front. Add a couple antennae made from two little pieces of post-it. Throw a few half hitches over the eye. Now go reward yourself with a beer or six!
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