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Quick Creek Update

Went to check out some of my favorite creeks up North yesterday. Although the water is still high and very cold for this time of year the first drift through a promising lie produced a fat 14" rainbow on a #10 stimi!

For the most part these creeks are still too high making access unrealistic, but it is nice to see some good fish eating. I would give it a couple more weeks, epic dry fly fishing in complete solitude is just around the corner!!!

Some of our favorite creeks are already fishing well, with hungry cutts and bows eagerly taking our caddis, stonefly, mayfly and attractor dries! This folks is are favorite time of year here at EWA where we can break out the lightest rods we own, get up into the back country and let the stress and monotony of the day to day grind filter away with the clear, cold water in a freestone stream.


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