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Seattle Times Gets Into Telling Anglers Where to Fish

The Seattle Times is now posting reports from I am not sure who on what was caught where and when both in saltwater (which is about all we have at the moment) and freshwater. Looks as though this will be updated on Tuesdays and obviously won't be fly fishing specific but could prove to be useful to those just wanting an idea of where someone caught something. Seattle Times Interactive Fish Map Hopefully they will continue to add locations to the map because at the moment one can breeze through this pretty quickly! Not sure if they are going to cover all anadromous species or just salmon and if all, is it just saltwater or will fresh be included. Also not sure if they are going to include trout fisheries like our beloved Yakima and if they will actually extend into the steelhead rivers of the southern part of WA and the O.P. In short, this looks like a short winded resource or one that will require a lot of work to keep updated every week, which as we also know means that with each rainstorm that blows through, the info will be dated and useless anyway! We will see I guess.
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