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Welcome to our blog of all things we at Emerald Water Anglers touch and care about in the fly fishing world. This has been quite a journey the past 10+ years, scrolling back we have seen some things coming and we continue to make every effort to have the pulse of where this is sport is headed both here in the PWN and globally.

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5 Tips for High Water Steelhead

5 Tips for High Water Steelhead

An early winter steelhead found in very high water. Photo: Cole Leishman 1. Fish light and inside In high wate... more

Upcoming Fly Fishing Events - February 2020

Bienvenidos, willkomen, benvenuta, ようこそ and winter steelhead season! We are writing this as nearly ... more

Upcoming Fly Fishing Events | Nov. & Dec. 2019

Well, we apologize for not getting this up sooner, things have just been a bit crazy around these parts lately. ... more

*VIDEO* Patagonia and Danner – River Salt and Foot Tractor Wading Boots

*VIDEO* Patagonia and Danner – River Salt and Foot Tractor Wading Boots

If you fish and wade around slick boulders, basalt ledges, heavy pocket water or just need the most stability a wadi... more

EWA Fly Fishing Events - May

EWA Fly Fishing events coming up in May and are some things to put on your calendar for sure! As we h... more

Upcoming Events - November

Upcoming events in November and beyond… November 9, 2017 — Our Two Hands Movie Premier -- Admiral Theater -- 7pm - ... more

Upcoming Events - January

Special Events January 14-15, 2017 – Spey Casting w/ Dec Hogan $250 per angler/per day Spend a day with the legenda... more

Upcoming Events - November

We are crazy excited to announce we have finally hired our Women's Program Coordinator which means our women's even... more

Winston Boron III Plus Fly Rod Review

This is a Winston Biii Plus fly rod review and is intended to be informative and as objective as possible for the s... more

Upcoming Events - September

September 8th - Getting into Spey Casting - 7pm @EWA - FREE Reid Curry will address the myriad of lines, head, knots... more

Upcoming Events - February

February 3rd, 2016 — Fly Fishing Film Tour @Admiral Theater, West Seattle — 7pm – 10pm — $15 Yes, you read this corr... more

Peeling Back the Layers

In angling, at best, we just barely scratch the surface. We stand in the river or on a beach, yet remain on the out... more

In 1969, the steelhead was declared Washington's official "state fish."

Somehow this seems to mean nothing to people. In general, when an object or living species is recognized as a iconic... more

fishing river


The opportunity arose for taking a few days, mid week to excuse myself from society and all of its attachments by ven... more

Sacred Headwaters of the Skeena Protected!

Historic protection for BC’s Sacred Headwaters Announced FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 18 DECEMBER 2012 Contact - Melys... more

OR and WA Joint Commission on Lower Columbia River Management

View the numbers of the report here. PORTLAND, Ore. – The Fish and Wildlife Commission today approved a new manage... more

The Magnificent Steelhead

News Release Burke Museum, Wild Steelhead Coalition partner to raise awareness of “The Magnificent Steelhead” Mu... more

New Drift Boat? Wild Steelhead Coalition Has One For You!

If you are of the philanthropic nature, are in the market for a sweet new driftboat, have some extra cash laying aro... more

Beyond Season's End...A Bleak Look Ahead at Washington's Water Future This m... more

I want to give up....but I won't because I care and am stubborn!

Over the past couple of years, all the work and effort to educate those in our state including anglers, legislators a... more

Skykomish River Needs Your Help!

This shouldn't take those of you who will find this more than a mere second to decide to sign, so please do so: Oppo... more

Shiny Fishes The season wanes. Each spring as I look forward to the sunny days of an Idaho summer, the ... more

Sol Duc River to be First Wild Salmonid Management Zone in WA

Now matter how you spin it, this is good news, my hope is that we will learn enough from this to force change on othe... more

Seattle Times Gets Into Telling Anglers Where to Fish

The Seattle Times is now posting reports from I am not sure who on what was caught where and when both in saltwater (... more

Portion of Yakima River Closed Due to Illegal Steelhead Targeting

For those who live in the state of Washington, it is of little surprise to see or hear of poaching of water for our b... more

Eastern WA Steelhead, here we go!

Upper Columbia, several other rivers to open for hatchery steelhead fishing We will be booking for this immediately ... more

Elwha River, Dam Removal, Hatchery and Wild Fish...headed to Court!

This is going to be an interesting year for the Elwha River and what should be one of the most prominent live experim... more

WDFW Worker Dies During Steelhead Survey

OLYMPIA - A fisheries worker for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) died yesterday (Aug. 18) while... more

Klickitat River Hatchery Increases

From our friends at Wild Steelhead Coalition... Dear Friends and Supporters of Wild Steelhead, Some of you may alr... more

EWA Featured Photographer -- Mike McCoy aka Dad!

I have spent my life in this sport having fly fished or been exposed to it since I was in diapers, led the entire tim... more

For the Love of Fish...

Anyone reading this or any other blog from our industry is in the same boat to some degree, we love to fly fish. Man... more

Eastern WA Steelhead Closures

Upper Columbia River above Priest Rapids Dam and tributaries close to steelhead fishing April 1 Action: Close... more

Skagit River and Seattle City Light

I just received this letter from Seattle City Light and am pleased with the actions they have chosen to take along th... more

Skate the Fly T.V. Episode #5 -- Chris Santella

Episode #5 now live on the web and all I will say is I don't remember much after the first few minutes of the podca... more

See the Pink Spots

See the short flick here! Ted's Dolly Movie A Emerald Water Anglers photo shoot. more

Spun Ostrich Tube Fly

Click the link to view the new video: Spun Ostrich Tube Fly This is a simple tube fly utilizing the ProTubes flex... more

Redington CPX Spey Rods: Definite Bang for the Buck!

Since August of 2010 I have been casting and fishing with the new(ish) Redington CPX 12'9" 7 wt and 13'3" 8 wt rods.... more

Tube Flies, Pro Style and Custom Fly Lessons!

Pro Tubes Reverse Marabou Tube Fly Click on the link to watch the new video! I recently got a bunch of Flexitubes f... more

New Year Fishing

In the recent issue of The Fly Fish Journal there is an article written by Jim Hepworth where he says that "guides te... more

Deschutes River Road Trip

Here's the thing about road trips: they rock. Here's the thing about fishing trips: they're awesome. That's why ... more

Preparing for a Christmas miracle.

In honor of the big fella. Happy holidays to you and yours. more

Too Much Time at Home= Fly Tying Videos!

Dragon Leech Steelhead Fly (click here for video) I have not been fishing enough lately! Due to a number of factor... more

Nymph Guy vs Swing Guy

For those who enjoy stirring the soup as I do and can laugh about, this is pretty funny. For those who take their st... more

Wild Steelhead Retention on 8 O.P. Rivers

1. We close most of our rivers for the month of May to protect wild steelhead during their most prolific spawning se... more

Grande Ronde River, OR -- Mucho Bonito, Poquito Pescado

For over a decade, I have always looked forward to at least a week on either the John Day or the Grande Ronde Rivers ... more

Fall Steelheading...Oh Yeah!

Fall Steelheading...Oh Yeah!

As fall arrives in our region, some anglers begin to feel a bit anxious, almost hormonal in a way. It's the change i... more

2nd Installment: Steelhead Inspired Wine

There seems to be a theme here, many fly anglers have their hands in the wine making business as we will continue t... more

Urban Fly-Fish Guiding

My wife works for a big financial firm and when we go to holiday events with her co-workers, I dress up and look ev... more

W"h"ine about Steelhead

So there is no lack of whining about steelhead fishing in our community for a multitude of reasons; weather, poor ma... more

The art, skill and passion of Harry Lemire

Harry Lemire, legendary steelhead fly angler of the Pacific NW exudes his passion and reflections of decades angling... more