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Welcome to our blog of all things we at Emerald Water Anglers touch and care about in the fly fishing world. This has been quite a journey the past 10+ years, scrolling back we have seen some things coming and we continue to make every effort to have the pulse of where this is sport is headed both here in the PWN and globally.

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Skate the Fly T.V. Episode #5 -- Chris Santella

Episode #5 now live on the web and all I will say is I don't remember much after the first few minutes of the podca... more

Skate the Fly T.V. Episode 4 -- Brian O'Keefe

Yep, we are still at it, hopefully getting a bit better but likely not. This episode we have the pleasure of chattin... more

Skate The Fly -- Goes Big Time!

So it may have been evident for some time to some people that this was going to happen and to the rest it might be a ... more

Skate the Fly T.V. -- Episode #3

Skate the Fly T.V. -- Episode #3

In this episode, Dylan Rose and I welcome our good and long time friend Coach Duff or Terry as we love to call him to... more

Fly Anglers and their Dogs

A new photo contest from our good friend Greg Thomas at Anglers Tonic hopes to exploit the bond between man and canin... more

Skate the Fly T.V. -- Episode #2

Holy cow, this has been in the works for along time and I am mixed with emotions from scared to excited and frighte... more