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Skate The Fly -- Goes Big Time!

So it may have been evident for some time to some people that this was going to happen and to the rest it might be a bit of a shock. Skate The Fly, the blog you have come to love and the Podcasts you have likely tried to forget is now also the most intuitive online fly shop around. Pardon potential bugs in the system, Dylan is working 25 hours a day to fix them as well as add new content. The blog is now available through the home page and we will be offering a promo code through Emerald Water Anglers for those interested, shoot us an email or give us a call. The next episode of STF T.V. will air soon with special guest Tommy Girvin, lead guitarist of 20+ years for the Eddie Money Band and feverish fly angler. Happy Holidays to everyone and check out Skate The Fly!
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