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Thank you spineless cowards...

keyedburban1 Not much to say here other than I can't believe the levels some will stoop to. If you keyed one of our company suburbans this week out on the O.P. and have something to say, by all means say it. I more than recognize that we take some less than popular views on topics in our region and welcome and hope for open debate on these issues. In the end, we will respect you for your view and why you believe in it even if it differs from ours. In this case however I will say this. Your parents should be and likely are ashamed and embarrassed to have raised you. If there was an immediate issue you wanted to take up, the phone number was right above where you went past with your keys. And to hit one of our other vehicles and cave in the entire back panel with your vehicle is a hit and run. Especially when you don't leave a note. Fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to look at it, kharma is always waiting for someone to pay forward to.
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