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The art, skill and passion of Harry Lemire

celebrity_lemiretyingclsvrt1 Harry Lemire, legendary steelhead fly angler of the Pacific NW exudes his passion and reflections of decades angling for one of our most sought after game fish, in his own unique way. From days of double digits steelhead on local and regional waters to those that got away, Harry is one of the most entertaining personalities to spend time with as he shares insights to what once was and thoughts on modern fly tying and fly fishing equipment. fly_lemirecharliecrpd1 Born in Rhode Island, a fortuitous meeting with his future wife and a job at Boeing landed Harry on the western slope of the Cascades and smack in the middle of steelhead country. The rest is history so to speak as he is one of only a couple people in the world currently who have mastered the art of tying flies without a vice. Not just flies but full dress Atlantic Salmon flies and he does so with the skill and steadiness of hand required of surgeons and all while talking with you as if he were doing nothing at all. If you have never done so, next time at a show or event where Harry is tying his full dress Atlantic Salmon flies with his bare hands, stop talking grain weights with the regional rep,( who is bored by the way of doing so with you) and go plop yourself down in front of Harry and watch how easy he makes this look. You will be inspired to go see for yourself, that with a vise, this is MUCH more difficult than Harry makes it appear. Thank you for your time and dedication Harry, see you again soon.
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