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The Jumbo Shrimp at Skippers

Rivers are blown out all across the state, the Yakima has icebergs floating down it but there is one fishery that continues to chug along like the little engine that could and it is right here in Seattle's backyard. The Puget Sound is fishing great right now for sea run cutthroat and resident coho. Dave and I went out to a local area beach yesterday for only a couple of hours and for nearly the whole time I was getting a tug on nearly every cast! Of course, part of that could have been due to the Airflo Ridge Clear Floating line I was testing out, which is awesome, by the way. And part of that could have also been due to having the right fly! With a minimal amount of baitfish activity due to the season and colder water temps, it seems quite often our standard epoxy herrings, sand lances and clouser patterns are being ignored by fish. During the winter months sea run cutthroat and resident coho will gorge themselves on tiny shrimp and krill. Have a few simple imitations in your box and you can get in on the action! Here is a video of a fly I tie using DNA Holo Fusion fibers. It has proven to be quite effective here in the Puget Sound and abroad for bonefish on the flats. Enoy!

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