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Portion of Yakima River Closed Due to Illegal Steelhead Targeting

For those who live in the state of Washington, it is of little surprise to see or hear of poaching of water for our beloved steelhead. Few steelheaders in the region know that there are wild steelhead that return to the Yakima River at all and of those that do most know it is illegal to target them, most abide by the law and do not but obviously some can't resist or think it is cool to be doing so. At any rate, enough of this has occurred to force the hand at least the Yakima Tribe to close a portion of the river to curtail it happening where they can control it. See the rest of the piece here: I have seen this on other rivers in our state, namely the Methow and the Klickitat where the f--king whitefish loop hole allows anglers to go pursue steelhead under the guise of fishing for whitefish. How many anglers, especially fly anglers actually go target these fish around here??? What a joke, close that stupid whitefish fishery at the same time steelhead are closed so enforcement is easy, on a river fishing while closed, busted! Jesus, how hard can it be?
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