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Upcoming Seattle Fly Fishing Events - June

Upcoming Seattle Fly Fishing Events - June

Well, obviously the events list is going to be short but, we do have some exciting things to share with everyone and we hope you are all staying healthy in both body and mind.

First and hopefully most obvious is we established National Women's Fly Fishing Day on June 27th! As we see what we are able to do in group settings, please stay tuned for some events, possibly virtual ones to celebrate and help encourage women of all ages to get on the water.

In conjunction with this, our good friend Laura Klaren has designed our new women's logo which we will begin to incorporate into the store, our products and our media.

Secondly and also exciting is we will be returning to our normal business hours on June 1st. M - F is 10-7, Sat is 10-6 and Sun is 11-5. We miss all of you and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Third, we are able to guide again. Obviously under restriction but as we are coming into summer time, walk and wade guiding allows for easy social distancing and many of our favorite watersheds will be in shape to do so here soon. We will have a smaller staff this year so please call and book trips soon. We are also doing plenty of private and semi private casting instruction and are trying to accommodate as needed so call to set a time.

Fourth, we know the West Seattle bridge is going to be an issue and is obviously inconvenient for many of you to come see us. We are working on a bi-weekly meeting place in SODO where we can bring you product ordered on the phone and answer some questions if need be so stay tuned on that front. We are also happy to ship to you anywhere in the city, just call, order and we will get it out. Lastly on this front, we are also hoping to have a delivery service available outside of USPS or UPS and we will flaunt that when we have it solidified.

Fifth, we became an official Orvis dealer. For those who want to put side by side, those rods the industry reveres from coast to coast, we are the place to do so. H3, Recon and other models will begin to arrive here shortly so stop by and check them out.

October 3, 2020 - We are hoping to have our usual spring event this fall with a dry fly, trout and steelhead spey focus with those reps available on hand and with the ability to try out all the rods we are confident in presenting to you.

Lastly, fishing has been really good out there lately on the Yak and Cedar. Water remains high on everything so check flows before heading out or call us for latest details. Believe it or not, this is the tip of the iceberg, more great news to share shortly so bring on summer, see you all soon!

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