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Ok this is really getting out of hand! I think my fly tying space is alive. Seriously... what is wrong with me. I can't believe Jacqueline is smiling in this picture! Props to her for putting up with me and my complete lack of regard for organization or cleanliness on the fly table. What's worse, it is beginning to spread to her desk. Then I am really in for it. Every once in a while she catches me using her side because mine is so clogged with crap I need somewhere clean to put the materials that I am actually using! We need a bigger apartment. Or I need more plastic shoe boxes. I can't close most of the ones I have now. That's part of the reason my desk is such a mess, the materials literally won't fit! But I keep buying more! And now I have plastic shopping bags full of fly tying materials piling up on my desk. What the F--K?
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