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Thomas & Thomas

Thomas & Thomas Zone | Nautilus XL | SA MPX Package

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Dave's Mid Price Package

"I was fortunate enough to spend some time with this rod during its design phase and was able to help make a rod suitable for nearly any application, friendly in hand both in weight and action.  Hope everyone enjoys their time fishing this set up."

The Thomas and Thomas Zone was created to be angler friendly for any application.  While mid flex in action it possesses a stout butt section for delivering larger flies and configurations as well as playing large, hard fighting species of fish.  The Zone also has a broad range of lines that work well on here allowing anglers with all styles of casting to feel confident.

Nautilus X series are a light weight, machined in the U.S. with sealed drag reel up for any task.  Visually appealing, smooth and durable, one of the finest reels on the market at this price point.

Scientific Anglers MPX line is a fantastic, do-it-all fly line with the ability to deliver a dry fly at short distance or punch a streamer across the river. 

Available in 5 and 8 weight sizes, included in kit will be:

Thomas & Thomas Fly Rod (EWA Flex Rated 7)
Nautilus Fly Reel - Silver
Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX Fly Line - Buckskin/Optic Green