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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 1, 2023 | The Pinks Are Coming!

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 1, 2023 | The Pinks Are Coming!
Pink flies for Pink Salmon with Emerald Water Anglers in Seattle, WA.

So many luke warm anglers towards Puget Sound until the Pink Salmon begin to arrive and then it's everyone's fav.  For good reason, there are projected to be nearly 4 MILLION so this should be a good year to get out there.  We will cover more below, let's get to the rest of it around here.

Cedar River - Cedar is already low, wading is pretty easy and the trout are looking up for most of the day.  Caddis, smaller Stimulators and other attractor dry flies will work.  Drop a little Lightning Bug off the back or a Copper John or even better, swing some soft hackles!  Whatever your choice, have fun out there, the Cedar is prime!

Snoqualmie Forks & Creeks - Phew, we are already seeing the affects of that hot spell in early May.  Creeks are down quite low already in a number of regions which only means we are going to see water temps spike hard in late July and August so get your licks in now.  There should be zero reason to nymph on any of these small, freestone streams.  Fish are going to be taking advantage of anything that looks like food going over head.  Nearly any dry fly size 10-16 will work.  We like Rubber Legged Stimulators as they look, sorta Caddis, sorta spider and sorta stonefly.  They cover a ton of bases.  Take advantage of being able to be a minimalist.  A couple dry flies, spool of tippet, maybe some floatant and lunch.  That is really all you need. 

Yakima River - Yakima is at 3400cfs and on a steep climb.  At this point there is not a ton of walk and wade water, some but not a lot so a boat is your best friend.  Caddis in the evenings should be the ticket for most of the summer, early am PMD's and mid day stone flies on top and of course get your bobbers out.  Want to engage more and see fish move to your fly, toss a big streamer against the bank and over structure.  Sure way to get your heart pumping. 

Cowlitz River - Summer steelhead fun for hatchery brats.  An easy river to float, TONS of swing water and willing fish.  This is a fabulous place to keep dust from collecting on your favorite two hander and also a great reason to get a new Scandi head for your rod.  Nothing is more fun that an elegant, energized tight loop off the rod tip with a Scandi.  Fly wise, fish what you have confidence in.  Black, purple, pink, orange or our favorite, olive are all going to work if a fish is there.  We would suggest smaller intruders or single shank traditional summer patterns.  Some of these runs are huge so keep a good pace as you cast and step, others are discreet little runs against steeper banks.  Fish these too!

Lakes - Water is warm, bass are off their beds and are aggressively getting after anything furry or slimy so have your flies imitate accordingly.  Tons of lakes both urban and otherwise with both small and large mouth bass.  Some are easier than others to fish from the bank but by and large, an SUP, kayak or small boat to get out there will help immensely.  Standard poppers, Chernobyl Ants and Hoppers, foam stoneflies, frog imitations and mouse flies are all good choices or our EWA Bass Selection.  Come in and let's point you in the right direction for the coming holiday week.

Puget Sound - SRC's have been a bit more active of late which has been nice.  Still looking up at surface flies, they always do so don't be bashful there.  Mid day, subsurface can work as well and there is of course kelp everywhere so a stripping basket would be a good idea.  Pink salmon are going to arrive in mass here in a few weeks.  This is pretty simple, pink flies, 12-15lb test and have them in the water.  Lincoln Park, Brown's Point, Point Robinson, Picnic Point will all be good places, don't expect to be alone!  Being in a kayak or on an SUP would also assist by being able to cast back towards shore, not being elbow to elbow with so many other anglers as well as being out and among the schools of Pinks as they arrive.  You can definitely catch Pinks on a floating line with a weighted pink Clouser or similar fly but having an intermediate line would be of huge benefit as they feed a bit deeper in the water column on a regular basis than Coho or SRC's. 

Ok, that about covers it.  Hope everyone has a safe and fantastic week of celebration with family and friends.  We will be closed on the 4th but otherwise, you know we are here for you and you know how to find us. 

Tight lines,

EWA Staff | 206-708-7250
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