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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | May 15, 2022 | Will Winter Ever End

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | May 15, 2022 | Will Winter Ever End


EWA Summer Fly Fest
May 21, 2022
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Sales reps from all the brands on hand with latest rods to cast, free instruction and a clinic by Dave McCoy at 10am on How to Fly Fishing Puget Sound on Foot.  Food truck by our friend Gian Lawrence and Royal Coachman 2022 will not to be missed.  See everyone there!

Generally speaking, as life long fly anglers, we are a bit demented in our love for the elements...rain, wind, snow and yes, sun.  That being said, this has been a tremendously wet and cool "spring" to the point, even we are looking forward to some sun, warmer temps and seasonable conditions. 

We still love the rain though!

The Yakima River over the past week has gone from nearly 6000cfs down to a more expected 2500cfs making for perfect fishing conditions once the fish readjust to the water levels.  Caddis is the name of the game or throwing some larger salmon fly patterns with a dropper off the back.  At this flow, some of the more popular walk and wade locations are now again approachable so get out there!

Puget Sound is flat out fishing very well right now in many locations around the Sound.  This past week we have been south, north and west of here and been seeing, hooking and occasionally landing fish in all locations.  Plenty of baitfish around as well as euphasids so have your small shrimp patters with you.  If you have yet to have a meet and greet with a SRC on the surface, no better time to employ a Sound Searcher or similar surface pattern because they are willing.  We sort of equate this to playing the lottery, can't win if you don't play.  Kelp is beginning to show up so if you don't have a stripping basket, it may be about time to think about getting one.  We really like, for many reasons the Scientific Angler model...soft, light, easy to adjust, drains and allows for better line management than a normal "basket".

Bass are rearing their heads on the surface these days as well.  If you have never fly fished for bass, particularly smallmouth, we need to have a talk.  For their size, they fight as hard or harder than a trout of similar build and they don't "sip" most surface flies.  It is a bit more like a 5 year old tearing into a Christmas present when they know what it might be.  It is something to witness and worth doing often.  We have some great custom flies from our staff specifically for bass around here so come in and give them a look.

Snoquamie Forks are up and down as expected and will continue as such for the coming 4-6 weeks or so.  That said, the South Fork will usually be smaller sooner and allow for more safe and easy approach, check the links above for optimum flows and current flows and if you have questions still...CALL!  Dry droppers should be name of the game here for awhile.  Use foam attractor patterns with a Copper John or Lightning Bug dropper about 2 feet behind.  When they are ready, they will crust the top fly and at that point, take the dropper off and have fun!

Cedar River is about 2 weeks from opening so hold your breath.  Our suggestion is to get out and find new locations now while fishing isn't an option so you know where you want to go once it opens.  Some would call this research and sure enough, that is what it is! 

As always, questions of any sort, ASK!  We are in this business to be an asset to you and our entire staff wants to see you have fun and succeed out there whether it is finding new water, first fish on a fly or fly you have tied, improving your cast or it's your first time ever...we are here for you!

Until we chat again -

EWA Staff 206-708-7250
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