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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | April 19, 2022 | Summer on the Horizon

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | April 19, 2022 | Summer on the Horizon
Puget Sound Sea Run Cutthroat
It is, promise!

As most know who visit our site, follow us on the various social media channels we have, Puget Sound is our home water fishery AND we love it, as we should.

Puget Sound has been coming into its own as of late with fish spread far and wide, chasing a variety of different flies from Foul Free Herring, Sound Searchers, Keta Kandy and Oil Slicks among others.  Surface and subsurface alike are working well and now that we have light beginning around 5:45 or sooner depending on cloud cover there really isn't much of an excuse not to take an hour or so and hit the water if you live nearby.

We will here at some point begin seeing more and more kelp in the water so having stripping basket will become more and more important.  Our favorite is the Scientific Angler ECOastal made of biodegradable foam and open enough to accommodate line as it should be for easy shooting and max distance. 

Yakima has been its typical roller coaster with flows up and down and all around.  Water temps have remained cool so expect hatches to mirror cooler water temps on a hatch chart.  March Browns, some Blue Winged Olives (BWO's) and caddis are all present so come prepared for nearly all of it.  Questions about flows and accessibility don't hesitate to call us so we can get headed to the right location.

South Fork of the Snoqualmie actually looks pretty good right now.  Water will be cold be by afternoon you might find a fish or two looking up so why not give it a try and be there before the masses.  Middle Fork is pretty high still, would give it some time here still.

Cedar River as a reminder doesn't open until the first Saturday in June.  This is a great time to go scout locations before you cost yourself fishing time so take a drive and check it out, find a new place to fish it this year and then head in when it opens.

Warm water species are beginning to roust themselves as well.  Carp in Green Lake and Lake Washington are good choices right now and bass in Lake Washington or Samammish or soon Muskie in Mayfield. 

So, bottom line is get ready because the season of choice is nearly here.  Anything we can do to help you get outside, please reach out, we are here to help!

Happy spring everyone!
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