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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | March 29, 2022 | Holy Sunshine Batman

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | March 29, 2022 | Holy Sunshine Batman
Yakima River fly fishing...fish on!

Saw many comments on the ole IG lately with deep breaths of relief knowing Mt. Rainier was still there as were the Cascades and Olympics, sky was still blue and sunglasses were indeed necessary on occasion in Seattle.

So now we get to talk about the fishing as we head into April, many fisheries are going to begin waking up, so here we go!

Yakima River | Upper river remains clear and a bit high but its main trib is still down at a very walkable level so getting on the water right now is a great option.  The lower river however remains a bit high and off color.  If on foot, this flow, above 2500cfs limits the amount of space to get into the water and feel as though you can cover and explore it.  Lower river, aka the canyon stretch is better done by boat at the moment.  Skwala stoneflies are out and some fish are looking up but so are midge, Blue Winged Olives, some March Brown's and even some small Caddis so come with a full box!

Puget Sound | Chum fry have been out for a month at least so all the excitement has become a bit of an old hat by now as far as how concentrated they are.  Sun is up and out a bit more, tides are shifting a bit as far as timing of big spring tides coinciding with daylight and fish are spreading themselves out a bit more as a consequence.  Look at having slightly larger flies in your box to imitate the growth of the salmon fry and don't think for a moment these sea run cutt's won't look up and get after a Sound Searcher or other surface fly because they absolutely will!

Snoqualmie Forks and Creeks | South Fork of the Sno actually looks pretty good as of this AM but as the weather warms it will rise so pay attention.  Water will be cold, we wouldn't expect to see fish on the surface for another month or so on this side.  Middle Fork will be a bit large if you don't know exactly where to be and when at these flows.  Almost all other creeks will open the first Saturday of June so warm up those small rods while they sit on the bench for just a bit longer.

Cedar River | The Cedar is always a popular one for local anglers and for good reason.  However, it also remains closed until the first Saturday in June so please stay on open waters until then.  When it does though be ready with caddis and nymphs...we will post more as we get a bit closer.

EWA Fly Fest | May 21, 2022 | Me-Kwa-Mooks | 9am - 3pm
Finally on the books again!  Please join us and all of our PNW sales reps for a day in the sun to cast all the latest and greatest rods, get some free instruction, enjoy some great food and see a couple of enlightening presentations by our staff and others.  This event is FREE to attend, food will be for sale and prepared on the spot by our good friend Gian Lawrence.

And finally, a gentle reminder to use us as a resource, ask us questions and don't be bashful, we are here to help you have fun and succeed.

All our best,

EWA Staff
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