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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 7, 2023 | Perfection Doesn't Last Long

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | July 7, 2023 | Perfection Doesn't Last Long
Small stream fly fishing outside Seattle with Emerald Water Anglers.

The 4th is behind us and at the moment, small streams are about as good as they can get, perfection in this world only lasts so long and it is pretty much right now!

We are going to make this one short and sweet, we just want to get you out on the water as quickly as possible.

Mountain Creeks and Forks of Sno - These are all in perfect shape right now, dry flies of choice all day long.  Humpy's, Royal Wulff's, Stimulator's, Caddis, PMD's, small Hoppers, whatever is in your box, floats and looks somewhat like an insect is likely going to be eaten.

Cedar River -  Same as above except under the bigger log jams, we would toss some streamers and try to encourage some of the larger trout out of those deep holes!

Cowlitz River - Steelhead are in and will be for the next month or two so grab that two hander/spey rod, put your Scandi head on it and tie on a smaller intruder or summer pattern and go get your spey rod bent.  Water is in great shape, lovely river to swing flies on.

Puget Sound - Pinks are not quite here yet but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be getting ready for them.  Intermediate lines, stripping baskets and pink flies.  SRC's have been active again chasing anything that swims on top or othewise.  Early morning can be good as can the evening but remember, moving water is key!  This week only, until Friday the 14th, come in and mention you read the fishing report here and say "pink salmon" for a little discount at checkout on all things related to Puget Sound!

Lakes - Bass are on fire right now.  Top water is hands down where you should be focused.  We would love nothing more than to help you figure out where and how to fish close to home for a fun species that fight hard and aggressively take surface flies.  Small single person watercraft and SUP's are a fantastic way to get away from crowds and access water you otherwise wouldn't be able to.  Your 6wt rod with a good aggressive floating line to turn over big poppers will be perfect, 5wt would work too. 

Everything is turned on so get out there.  Questions?  We're here to help and you know where to find us...either by Instagram, FB, email or even the phone!  206-708-7250

Have a great weekend everyone,

EWA Staff
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