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Seattle Fly Fishing Report | March 19, 2022 | Heating Up

Seattle Fly Fishing Report | March 19, 2022 | Heating Up
Blackmouth in Puget Sound

Ok, here we go anglers.  The time to dust off the equipment and start venturing out is upon us.  Our two year round fisheries the Yakima River and Puget Sound are ready for you!

Puget Sound has salmon fry spread far and wide now and between the Blackmouth and the SRC's we have been seeing pretty good action on most beaches.  Both in coming and out going tides have been productive so choose a beach close by, make sure tide allows access and casting space and get out there. 

The Yakima is seeing the beginning of the hatch season land with BWO's and some Skwala's flying around as well as some periodic March Brown's.  This means come with a box ready for just about anything.  Stonefly dries and nymphs and the same for the other insects as well as some streamers and soft hackles. Flows are in good shape for wading many areas and of course hiring us to float you down a stretch to hit water otherwise not available is always a fun experience.
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