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8/23: Brita Fordice Fly Tying Demo

Brita Fordice will be in the shop tying her remarkable baitfish patterns on the evening of Thursday, August 23. We're really looking forward to this event. Anyone interested in chasing fish that feed on other fish, either in fresh or salt water, or anyone interested in learning from masterful fly tying shouldn’t miss this event. Brita’s meticulous flatwings, squid, eel and shrimp patterns are uncanny representations of baitfish species. Watching a few of them get built is sure to be a real treat. Event Details: Brita will start tying at 7:00pm. She’ll work through a series of patterns and techniques and answer questions for an hour and a half. Tickets are $10 and available here. We’ll have some special materials ordered for the event and all fly tying materials will be 10% off for ticket holders. Bio: Brita Fordice was born, raised and learned to fish in Washington state. She taught herself to tie flies at age 10. Once she started, she never stopped. These days she is an accomplished angler and guide on the beaches of the Hood Canal and Puget Sound, where her custom patterns really shine for cutthroat and salmon. She’s fished extensively in Alaska, Idaho, the Bahamas and Florida. Her flies have been featured in national magazines and she currently works for Sage Manufacturing in their research and development department. If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, follow her on Instagram @seafly907 or check out her Etsy page. Brita Fordice Fly Tying Demonstration: Thursday, August 23. 7:00 to 8:30 pm. We can't wait to see the patterns Brita is going to be tying for us that evening. It will be a great opportunity to get a close look at some refined fly tying skills in action. There will be plenty to learn. Hope you can join us. It is going to be a great night. Get your ticket at:
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