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EWA Featured Photographer -- Blake McHenry

I met Blake years ago when he mailed me an application and resume to work for us. I was immediately drawn to a number of things about this kid, at the time a kid and still one to me in a fatherly sense only. He was young but had taken considerable effort in having a professional resume that was littered with legit experience, no fluff or made up/name dropping experience. What really made me pay attention however was the fact that he had understood at such a young age that including some of his better and favorite images of his time in the sport would enhance his qualifications -- it did! It is just my opinion but when you have all the tools of a great guide and I mean all of them -- chameleon like personality, boat handling skills, articulate, well traveled, amazing casting and instructing skills, patience, infectious demeanor and you parade around with zero attitude but still bearing the patch of passion on your shirt sleeve or tattooed on your forehead and forget to include photography, you have missed the boat. These two entities, fly fishing and photography should really be considered Siamese twins, joined at the hip as one captures the essence of why we do the other and that doesn't always mean the fish. Blake has guided in Alaska, eastern US, Montana, India and traveled the world, you can can see MORE of his work in the following photo journals here: South Pacific, Alaska, Montana Beautiful shots Blake, see you soon buddy! Get to know Blake more here: Blake McHenry Fishing the sunset in Montana. Great method for knowing what is hatching. Caddis sits just long enough... Maybe one of the greatest bear shots I have ever seen not taken by someone parked and waiting for the moment. Alaskan angler holds a prized bow for silhouette shot. The beautiful colors of nature. Ascension Bay in Mexico, sleuthing out a permit. Heaven on earth. Permit achieved and sometimes only the simplicity and contrast of B&W can really tell the story. Late in the day in Nicaragua, tarpon waters. Gotcha! New Caledonia, new species! Volcano erupting in the South Pacific. No trick photography here, just a GIANT bone from the South Pacific... We will end with three of my best friends, Coach Duff holding Blake's giant bonefish in Hawaii, that being my third friend here, South Pacific bones, they are HUGE!! Happy spring everyone, look for Blake and I to be putting together a co-hosted trip to Africa and the South Pacific in 2012 or 2013 at the latest.
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