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Spun Ostrich Tube Fly

Click the link to view the new video: Spun Ostrich Tube Fly This is a simple tube fly utilizing the ProTubes flexitube. I like this fly design because it generates a lot of movement in the water, it is easy to tie and it can be tied in multiple sizes/weights/colors. Using UV polar chenille as a hackle on the interior of the fly causes it to glow from the inside, giving it a translucent effect that is very natural and appealing. This is really more of a chassis for a fly than a pattern itself. Substitutions can be made on almost all of the materials (saddle or schlappen instead of polar chenille, eztaz instead of dubbing, guinea or mallard v.s. schalappen etc.) Tie some of your own and be creative! The fish love 'em all! Charlie
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