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Tube Flies, Pro Style and Custom Fly Lessons!

Pro Tubes Reverse Marabou Tube Fly Click on the link to watch the new video!

I recently got a bunch of Flexitubes from Pro Tubes and I have been tying all kinds of steelhead flies with them. These tubes are great for someone starting out, or for anyone who wants something new to try. The Flexitube comes in a bunch of colors and features a 3" long, two sided tube. Half of the tube is a small diameter, while the other half is larger. This enables you to tie a fly without junction tubing and cut the tube to whatever length you want. I have been tying a lot of large, intruder style flies with great success and also some smaller marabous and such. The video I have included in this post features instructions on tying a reverse marabou tube fly. Check it out, it is a really simple tie and makes a great looking (and fishing) tube fly! Never tied with tubes? You should check the pro tubes system out. Their components are all interchangeable, taking all the guesswork out of fitting pieces together. The flexitubes make it really easy to tie flies in different sizes and styles on the same tube. In addition, they are all made to mount on the Pro Tubes Flexineedle, a simple tapered mandrel that fits into any vise and holds the tube firmly for tying. This eliminates the need for purchasing expensive tube vises or adapter tools. Tube flies are great for multiple reasons. First and foremost, because the hook is not connected to the fly you can use a smaller, short shank hook thus increasing your hookup ratio. It also helps keep your fly from getting beat up, dramatically extending its fishable life. Tube fly components are easily interchangeable. By using heavy bodies and coneheads you can tie the same fly in multiple weights without changing the size or bulkiness of the fly. These are just a few reasons to jump on board with the tube fly craze. In my opinion they are just plain fun to tie and fish with! If you are interested in learning to tie tube flies or any other steelhead patterns, we are now offering custom fly tying classes. Click here for a link to a full description of classes we offer. These classes geared towards tying the more advanced custom patterns we guide with such as intruders, articulated flies and tube flies. E-mail me at or give Dave a call to schedule a lesson. Tube flies are fun to tie and they hook fish!
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