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Welcome to our blog of all things we at Emerald Water Anglers touch and care about in the fly fishing world. This has been quite a journey the past 10+ years, scrolling back we have seen some things coming and we continue to make every effort to have the pulse of where this is sport is headed both here in the PWN and globally.

EWA News

Upcoming Events - June 2015

Summer is upon us and we have some great presentations and events with some wonderful people coming up this season.... more

2015 EWA Fly Fest Schedule

We are excited to see everyone at our first annual EWA Fly Fest tomorrow, Saturday May 30th! The event will be from 1... more

Upcoming Events | May 2015

Writers on the Fly Thursday, May 14th, 7pm, FREE Join host Jason Rolfe for an evening of readings, art, beer and... more

Trout Rod Reviews

Photo and Review by Alex Collier With Summer just around the corner (or already arrived depending on who you ask), m... more

Gear Review: R.L. Winston Nexus Rods

Anyone familiar with the fly fishing industry knows the reputation of the R.L. Winston fly rod company: buttery smo... more

Find An Estuary

Find an estuary. Walk down the long gravel path, past the rotting caddy shack, and through the low beach shrubs. The... more

Peeling Back the Layers

In angling, at best, we just barely scratch the surface. We stand in the river or on a beach, yet remain on the out... more

EWA New Store Grand Opening Event

It has FINALLY happened...we have opened a full scale retail store to support our 15 year business in the guiding a... more

Flinging Frozen Flies

Well its that time of year again when all of our favorite streams are getting pretty frigid. Normally we have a... more

In 1969, the steelhead was declared Washington's official "state fish."

Somehow this seems to mean nothing to people. In general, when an object or living species is recognized as a iconic... more

Value of a Wild Steelhead

Imagine if we were to have wild steelhead, our Washington state fish back to sustainable numbers around ... more

Yakima Steelhead

Yakima Steelhead...Ponder This!

Bob Margulis of the Wild Steelhead Coalition just passed along a note from someone that I thought might be of interes... more

Fly Fishing Travel — Part 1 — Tropical

Fly Fishing Travel — Part 1 — Tropical

So by now I have done my fair amount of travel to various locales around the world, many actually. Probably the one t... more

In The News | Hatch Magazine

In The News | Hatch Magazine

Fly Fishing Puget Sound In this day and age, more and more people seem to be finding their way into fly fishing and... more

fishing river


The opportunity arose for taking a few days, mid week to excuse myself from society and all of its attachments by ven... more

Hoh Steelhead...From River to Plate!

Wow, if you haven't seen this yet, you should probably sit down for it. It will never cease to amaze us how this "st... more

The Art of Mindfulness: What Yoga Has Taught Me About Fly Fishing

How many times have you been caught daydreaming by a fish? Maybe you were lost in the rhythm of cast, step, swing wh... more

Steelhead Fishing is Hard...Simply Put!

What you do at work when you are bored depends on a myriad of criteria: where you head is, what your passion is, wha... more


Never more true words spoken/written! more

Sacred Headwaters of the Skeena Protected!

Historic protection for BC’s Sacred Headwaters Announced FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 18 DECEMBER 2012 Contact - Melys... more

OR and WA Joint Commission on Lower Columbia River Management

View the numbers of the report here. PORTLAND, Ore. – The Fish and Wildlife Commission today approved a new manage... more

The Magnificent Steelhead

News Release Burke Museum, Wild Steelhead Coalition partner to raise awareness of “The Magnificent Steelhead” Mu... more

New Drift Boat? Wild Steelhead Coalition Has One For You!

If you are of the philanthropic nature, are in the market for a sweet new driftboat, have some extra cash laying aro... more

Beyond Season's End...A Bleak Look Ahead at Washington's Water Future

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGcrkWMwASg&context=C4ed8105ADvjVQa1PpcFO4fMWbFIHKsAbLMMdeKlEXCKNf28H7YcQ= This m... more

Billfish Get a Huge Nod From US Govt.

We all like to catch them (why else would you be reading this ??!!) - and the best way to continue the sport and ens... more

Puget Sound saltwater trips

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BleDU6wOPB8 EWA guide Lucas St. Clair puts together a short snip-it of film highlighti... more

Hankering for Some Spey Casting...Do it Indoors!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg_XLAyLzqY Tim Rajeff gives an introduction to spey casting with the micro practice r... more

New WDFW Website for Salmon Conservation

OLYMPIA - Finding current information about the state's salmon runs and tracking ongoing efforts to recover at-risk s... more

The Beginning....

Where the fancies of Emerald Water Anglers guide staff and close friends come together and meld our passion for fly a... more

Keep fighting for Bristol Bay

I arrived a little after 2pm and there was a lengthy queue to enter the Jackson Federal Building. Twenty places back ... more

Pebble Mine Meeting Tomorrow

For those unaware, the EPA made a significant find om the Pebble Mine issue a short time ago and now the time to spea... more

Do something rad

Ponder two simple suffixes: –er, –ist. The former comprises the angler, climber, skier, hiker while the latter inc... more

Be Careful....Getting Stoked About Fly Fishing Could Be Dangerous!

Something for those out there who get fired up about being on the water with a fly rod in hand! Stoked! If this is ... more

I want to give up....but I won't because I care and am stubborn!

Over the past couple of years, all the work and effort to educate those in our state including anglers, legislators a... more

Skykomish River Needs Your Help!

This shouldn't take those of you who will find this more than a mere second to decide to sign, so please do so: Oppo... more

Shiny Fishes

https://vimeo.com/38902284 The season wanes. Each spring as I look forward to the sunny days of an Idaho summer, the ... more

Bycatch Slaughter

From a friend who runs a great operation in Australia I happened across this video clip of what goes into the tuna fi... more

Some very good news.....for now

This email from the Wild Steelhead Coalition just hit my inbox a few minutes ago. Definitely a big step in the right... more

Just How Stupid Can We Be....

This will be a short post as it should speak for itself. After a week in California I was lucky enough to return to ... more

Speaking of the Yakima...

As Charlie mentioned below, we're still a couple of weeks away from the prime Spring hatches on the Yakima, but ba... more

Getting Ready For Springtime on the Yakima

With the cold, windy, rainy weather we've been having here in the Seattle area lately I have had a lot of time to sit... more

Sol Duc River to be First Wild Salmonid Management Zone in WA

Now matter how you spin it, this is good news, my hope is that we will learn enough from this to force change on othe... more

Simms Finally to Sell Direct...It's About Time!

Word has been on the street for quite awhile that some large companies within the fly fishing industry were going to ... more

Seattle Times Gets Into Telling Anglers Where to Fish

The Seattle Times is now posting reports from I am not sure who on what was caught where and when both in saltwater (... more

Lose a Dam on One River, Get a New One on Another...

From a long time friend from Colorado, I got an email today where he has expressed is deep concern over the proposal ... more

Portion of Yakima River Closed Due to Illegal Steelhead Targeting

For those who live in the state of Washington, it is of little surprise to see or hear of poaching of water for our b... more

The Jumbo Shrimp at Skippers

Rivers are blown out all across the state, the Yakima has icebergs floating down it but there is one fishery that con... more