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Welcome to our blog of all things we at Emerald Water Anglers touch and care about in the fly fishing world. This has been quite a journey the past 10+ years, scrolling back we have seen some things coming and we continue to make every effort to have the pulse of where this is sport is headed both here in the PWN and globally.

EWA News

I Like Big Bugs

There is something about skwala stoneflies that just plain gets me excited! Maybe its because in a few select Western... more

Stroft leaders and monofilament, oh yeah!

As someone who spends a lot of time fishing in extremely varied conditions and locations locally and internationally... more

Upper Yakima...

If you're looking for some fish to take your mind off of the pitiful state of the Puget Sound Steelhead for an afte... more

Sometimes, all you get is a blowfish...

First trip of 2010 to Hawaii and what a doozie. First, weather was all over the place, super high winds one day to ... more

All Puget Sound rivers to close early, as expected

WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 http://w... more

Washington Steelhead, IGFA and Joan Wulff

Tell me that the most recent issue of Fly Rod and Reel hasn't printed what I am sitting here reading, oh my GOD! Aft... more

Target Stores Drop Farmed Salmon

Target stores to sell Alaska salmon, drop farmed productFRESH: Chain removes all farmed fish from stores in an "envir... more

Not just 1 dead wild steelhead!!!

Here in the wonderful state of Washington, we are still allowed to kill one wild steelhead a year. I am not sure the... more

About CCA, Everyone in PNW Should Read This

Bill Monroe: Does CCA's bet in gill-net gamble indicate its hand was forced? By Bill Monroe, Special to The Oregonia... more

Mother Nature catching her limit...

Every year fishermen flock to the North Cascade Highway system outside of Bellingham to try their luck at the sal... more

New York City, Pebble Mine, and Fishmongers

On a recent visit back east I got a funny feeling from being so far from Northwest steelhead water. Let's just cal... more

Puget Sound, all season fishery, have we said that before?

The past couple of weeks, we have been focused on hitting the saltwater, more because it is nice to fish over fish ra... more

Shoulda Been There Yesterday

As a fishermen you spend a lot of your time looking for that special place where no other angler has been before; vir... more

New species to target, and they are native!

So while pursuing hatchery steelhead on the Cowlitz River this past month or so, looking for those large, beautiful c... more

My New Years Resolution

I don’t think I’ve ever made a new years resolution. I usually try to make resolutions as they occur to me, instead ... more

Happy New Year

To everyone out there, have a fun, wet and memorable New Years Eve this evening. We look forward to a new year with ... more

Cloudveil finally joins with Recycled Waders

After a couple of years of us trying to get Cloudveil to send Recycled Waders (RW) their defunct or unrepairable wade... more

Food for Thought -- buy frozen!?

Catch of the Freezer By ASTRID SCHOLZ, ULF SONESSON and PETER TYEDMERS New York Times Go local. Eat organic. Buy f... more

Deschutes Trip

A week or so ago Dylan and I headed down to the big D looking for some steel and we found what we were in search of... more

Roots, you can't deny them...

Being that the Holiday Season is here, I enjoy looking back upon where and how I grew up and road I chose in life. M... more

3 anglers per guide, WHY?

After getting off the phone with good friend and fellow steelhead guide Marty Sheppard, our conversation continued to... more

WDFW adding new steelhead endorsement fee in 2010

WDFW will be adding an additional stamp for steelhead and salmon anglers, in addition to their steelhead and salmon c... more

Honduras photo essay

For a long time I guided with Steve Brown in Telluride on the San Miguel and Gunnison Rivers. In the past few years h... more

Looking Back...or Forward

One of the few things I enjoy at the same level as fly fishing is hiking into the wilderness, often in search of a ... more

11 Pounds and Hotter than Fishgrease......

I just said goodbye to Dave McCoy and his lovely family a few days ago. We chased some of these big Hawaiian Bones f... more

EWA on the John Day River, Oregon

EWA on the John Day River, Oregon

Dave can talk all he wants about his epic Ronde adventure, but in other news the John Day this fall was nothing short... more

Experiential Conservation

The bird dove towards my head at 60 miles per hour, screaming its head off. At the last second she swerved away from ... more

Pebble Mine just won't go away...

From the Seattle P.I. online: Fight is on between pro-fish camp, mine defenders By MARY PEMBERTON ASSOCIATED PRESS W... more

Rain...it's that time of year, should still fish...

This is the time of year where the full time anglers, and guides for that matter become separated from the rest of t... more

Hawaii - Again!

Hawaii - Again!

3 times in a year to the Hawaiian isles for bones and unlike every other place on the planet I have bonefished, it do... more

Grande Ronde - Oregon Style

Grande Ronde - Oregon Style

Everyone in this part of the country has heard of and likely fished the Grande Ronde, mostly below Troy or just above... more

Back from India

Wow, what a trip and you can interpret trip however you like, it would be appropriate. Such an amazing country, MUST ... more


Awesome: Awe inspiring. In a word Alaska is awesome. I have just finished up a four month season guiding in the Brist... more

Airlines xecs obviously don't flyfish

Had to post just one more thing here before I step on the plane. Trip after trip, it becomes quite evident to me th... more

Off to India for Golden Mahseer

Well, the day I thought would take forever to get here has arrived. I am leaving for India tomorrow for nearly 3 week... more

Lake in the Dunes

As you descend into the valley and gaze out into the seemingly endless Oregon desert, the white alkali salt pan of Su... more

Fishing Tunes

What do you listen to on the way to the water? Here in Washington it is very often a long haul to our favorite steel... more

Oh Winston...

All the stars finally aligned themselves this past week when my own personal 12'6" B2x 6wt was finally matched with a... more

Reports From The Field: Fall Trout Fishing

I'd say if there is any time of year to get in the truck and haul over to the Yakima this is it. Fishing well on top... more

Hmm, Just Part of the Job

All of this in just one cast. They are never fun to deal with but without questions, these are simply a part of doing... more

Boat Trailers Suck!

After years of having boats of various kinds, all with trailers, I am proud to say that there isn't a trailer alive t... more

Sound is HOT Right Now!

Besides the salmon being around and captivating the interest of nearly all fly anglers right now, cutts are out in fo... more

How Difficult is This Issue?

I just don't get it. Seems as though most of us with no money to buy a politician's ear know what is going on but be... more

Got to Love Seattle in the Fall

Fly angling in the Seattle area in the fall is, well, frustrating at times. There are simply too many choices of wher... more

St. Joe River, Idaho

A few years ago I read about the St. Joe River in a major Fly Fishing publication. The article talked about numbers ... more

Giant Sea Run Cutthroat Landed in Puget Sound

I am only going to say this once even though I continue to say it to myself, HOLY COW!! This fish was enormous and fo... more

Oakley bringing it to fly fishing

Oakley bringing it to fly fishing

For the past few months now, myself and a number of our other guides have been putting some time in on our various wa... more

ODFW at it again

A select group of biologists connected with the Umpqua River system in Oregon and with support of at least one commis... more

Emerald Water Anglers - Welcome

Emerald Water Anglers - Welcome

Emerald Water Anglers is a fly fishing outfitter based in Seattle, Washington with a sole vision: you. One of the mos... more